Cheating wife caught out ... by her lover's Mii

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|11.21.07

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Cheating wife caught out ... by her lover's Mii

Here's one you probably won't find on My Wii Story. A young soldier goes to war in Iraq, taking his DS and (eventually) Wii with him. While he's away, playing Wii Sports with his army buddies, his wife begins to conduct an affair with a ten-pin bowling champion. A little over a year later, the soldier returns to wagging tongues, tips from friends about his wife's indiscretions, and e-mails that reveal plans for his wife and her lover to run away together.

Heartbroken, he turns on his Wii to reminisce about the friends he made in Iraq, and comes face to face with the final piece of incriminating evidence: the Mii of his wife's lover, and a list of the times and dates the pair played Wii Bowling together, forever secreted in his Wii's Calendar mode.

This, if you were wondering, is the rather poignant tale of "Tony," who courageously sent his story to Go Nintendo. You can read his email in full at the link below.
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