Neverlate Executive alarm clock -- sleep's worst nightmare

If you thought the original Neverlate 7-day alarm clock kept your eyes peeled, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Years after the original took bedside tables by storm, American Innovative has finally unveiled the Neverlate Executive, which boasts a sleeker design along with a myriad new amenities. For starters, this version includes a pair of 7-day alarm banks, Daily Reminders and a full-blown Preferences Menu that enables you to control everything from the backlight brightness to the alarm duration. You'll also find an AM / FM tuner, which as you may expect, allows users to assign different stations to each alarm; furthermore, the line-in, headphone and USB jacks add even more connectivity options, and the Descending Snooze feature forces you to wake up after you slam it too many times. Interested consumers can get their pre-order in now for $59.95, and truthfully, that's a small price to pay when staring termination (due to chronic tardiness, of course) in the face.

[Via Gizmag]