Active camouflage Spartan from McFarlane toys

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Alexander Sliwinski
November 28, 2007 10:15 PM
Active camouflage Spartan from McFarlane toys
Expanding on their series of Halo 3 dolls, McFarlane toys started pre-orders today on the Halo 3 Active Camouflage Spartan figure. The action figure is modeled after the EVA Armor and will not be sold in stores. Pre-order registration begins today and runs through Dec. 12, the figure will be available in May '08.

McFarlane also produced a set of Halo 3 controllers and a slew of other Halo figures. Wonder if McFarlane will come out with a Halo camouflage controller, which would consist of two clear pieces of plastic as the controller's body? Easy money.

[Thanks TMD]
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