Laser TVs delayed again, SED begins to get envious

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.30.07

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It seems that SED's reign as the most perpetually delayed television technology in recent memory may be getting a run for its money, as the Laser TV sets we were totally expecting (ahem) by Christmas aren't making it onto Santa's sleigh after all. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, vice-president of Arasor Scott Wilkie admitted that the sets wouldn't be available by the year's end, but he unsurprisingly passed the blame onto "other key component manufacturers" that "haven't quite ramped up as fast as was expected." Still, Frank DeMartin, vice-president of marketing and product development at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, supposedly stated that we could see some Laser TV-based announcement at CES 2008, but we wouldn't be shocked if it was simply an updated timetable and a subtle plea for patience. January's just around the bend -- hopefully this will get sorted out soon enough.
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