Disney Cinemagic HD launches in France

Steven Kim
S. Kim|12.02.07

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Disney Cinemagic HD launches in France
Disney Cinemagic HD launches in FranceIn the race for "firsts", Disney claimed victory in the "children and family HDTV channel in a French market" category this past weekend. Disney Cinemagic HD went live Friday evening in France and other French-speaking territories with an exclusive broadcast of Brother Bear 2. As you might guess from the channel's name, it will focus on HD movie offerings. The channel is carried by Canalsat in France and has programming from 6AM - 1AM, which seems like it's definitely in the "way past your bedtime" zone to us. In a nod to the global marketplace we live in, the channel is available to those who sign up for the HD service plus the Family Pack; vive la tiered subscription packages!

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