Second Life JIRA statistics site launches

Tateru Nino
T. Nino|12.04.07

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A while back, Rob Linden was asking for volunteers to collect and compile periodic JIRA statistics. Jason Giglio took that idea "and kinda ran with it", producing the sljirastats website.

JIRA, the issue tracker used by Linden Lab, is more or less frequently slammed for having a daunting interface. Realistically speaking, while it could probably stand some improvement if it is intended to be used by non-technical people (whether it is or not is in some doubt), it's no worse than most and better than quite a few.

One of the things that's been lacking in JIRA is a way to get any sort of broad overview about what's going on.

Giglio's new site definitely delivers on that, showing where user interest is in comments and in votes, with attendant graphs.

Also, there's a powerful search system, and searches can be created and shared via permalinks.

All in all, it looks like a useful tool to make sense of the JIRA tangle.

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