The VC Advantage: Overdone

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The VC Advantage: Overdone
The internet has made it easy to find cheats for games, but we miss the tips pages from game magazines, when the discovery of a new code could inspire you to go back to an old game. These codes aren't exactly new, but oldness is the essence of the Virtual Console! We're bringing back the classic codes every week on The VC Advantage.

Eternal Champions is one of the best Genesis-exclusive fighting games -- by default. We remember liking it a lot, but now that we look back on it, we realize that we were probably stupid and insane. Or just smitten with the ridiculous voiced taunts found in the game -- more time was spent with a friend trading "punk"s and "SIMPLETON"s than actually competing. Looking back, we see that it's pretty much everything wrong with EXTREME mid-90's comic books combined with way too much Mortal Kombat influence. Given enough time, we may be able to rediscover the classic fighter we thought it was, but right now we're just appalled with Sega and with our past selves.

Check out this video featuring all of the game's "Overkill" stage kills, and be transported back to a time when this kind of stuff was not only okay to put in a video game, but somebody thought it was a good idea to do so. Back then, we were all so enamored with Mortal Kombat that no amount of over-the-top game violence was enough. Now, in a post-1993 world, it's somewhere between hilarious and horrifying. So much so that the video is featured after the break.

Champions fans will notice that the video is actually the Sega CD version of the game. There was no reason to deprive you of the few extra Overkills that come along with the update, we figured, along with the Sudden Deaths, which are ... some other kind of stage kill.. Also, we couldn't find a video of the Genesis version. But mostly the first one that makes us sound nice. Be warned, the content may be considered offensive -- but there's nothing we could do about that nu-metal soundtrack.

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