CoX Winter Event on Test server

Jonathan Northwood
J. Northwood|12.07.07

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CoX Winter Event on Test server
Dust off the sleigh bells and strap on your rocket-propelled skis, boys and girls, it's that time of year again: NCsoft has once again released the CoX Winter Event into Test. Now, a word of warning: it's not always up, and it could be pulled at any time for further tweaking, but it is there, waiting for you to discover it just like a tasty digital sugarplum in the bottom of your spandex stocking.

This year, prep for some serious competition on the ski slopes: the slalom course is now timed, and you can win medals badges depending on your placement. And don't worry, Old favorites like Father Time and his missions have returned, and the Gamester is still putting out gifts for those who are naughty or nice. One intriguing element this year is new salvage: Candy Canes. This sweet treat can be redeemed in Pocket D for holiday rewards. Sorry to disappoint the fan community, though, but Sexy Jay's not collecting them, the Candy Keeper is. So ... who's up for hot cocoa and cool gaming, hm?
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