Fanswag: Get the ultimate Geometry Wars: Galaxies package

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Fanswag: Get the ultimate Geometry Wars: Galaxies package

Like our brothers and sisters at DS Fanboy, we're providing you, dear reader, with the chance at getting your very own copy of Geometry Wars: Galaxies on both the Wii and DS. In order to unlock a special galaxy available in both versions of the game, you have to have both titles. So, we're making sure that one of you lucky readers receive both! To make things better, there's a sweet piece of swag up for grabs in the form of a branded neck pillow.

Simple enough, right? Well, we wish it could be that simple. First, you'll need to read the official rules. Then, you're going to have to check your birth certificate and make sure you are at least 18 years of age. Finally, you're going to have to check your mail and make sure you're a legal resident of the United States. If none of this disqualifies you, then you can go ahead and leave a comment telling us what your favorite shape is. Only enter once, though, as multiple entries will get you disqualified.

Get your comment in before 11:59PM EST, December 11th. We'll announce the winner that will get Geometry Wars: Galaxies DS (valued at $29.99), Geometry Wars: Galaxies Wii (valued at $39.99) and the neck pillow on the following day. Good luck and thanks for reading Wii Fanboy!

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