Unusual holiday gifts for LotRO players

Dan O'Halloran
D. O'Halloran|12.09.07

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Unusual holiday gifts for LotRO players
We'll bet good money that the Lord of the Rings Online player in your life already has the Platinum Series Special Extended Edition Boxed DVD set ($65) and the 50th Anniversary Edition Leather Bound trilogy book set ($54). So we delved into the depths of the Internet to find some unusual gifts that will surprise and delight.

Let's start with the funny. Cartoon Stock allows you to order any of their many licensed drawings on mouse pads ($25), t-shirts ($30), even sun-screens for the car ($28 for a pair). Check out all their humorous LotR images. Personally, we're waiting for the customized laptop iron on.

Since LotR movie posters are a common gift, you may want to consider a wall scroll instead. For the same price as a standard poster, you can get a "Return of the King" Aragon poster art print ($20) or "Return of the King" montage poster art print ($15) on a 31" x 42" tapestry. It's printed on a "soft silk-like material." We don't know what that means exactly, but if it's more tapestry and less velvet Elvis, it will look very cool on the wall.

Lord of the Rings Pewter Goblet Set ($132) Each goblet features three panels from the books based on two themes, 'At the Shire' and 'Mines of Moria.' Gandalf, Frodo, Bilbo and the Fellowship are featured in the intricate artwork. Excellent to parch your thirst during that Balrog raid. Or waiting for your rig to churn through the slideshow that is Bree at peak hours.

Legolas Navel Ring ($16) For the ladies who want to show their love for all things Orlando Bloom, here's a little trinket that will display your undying affection for everyone's favorite Elven archer. That, or it's a really great gag gift. Either way, it turns out there are many items available under the heading of LotR body art: from Gollum Tongue Studs ($16) to a Symbol of Saruman Navel Ring ($18). But before you buy, make sure it's the perfect gift as no returns are accepted on these items.

Limited Edition Home of Middle-earth Stamp Collection ($123) What better gift for the hardcore philatelist in your family? Actually, don't answer that. we just wanted to use the word philatelist. We knew there was a fancy word for stamp lover and now that we know what it is, we're going to use it in every conversation we have and watch the expression on people's face as they try to figure out if we're saying something dirty.

Epic Scale Balrog with Lights & Sound ($125) Raiding the Rift? Recreate the epic battle with this 24" fully poseable Balrog complete with flaming sword and whip. And something lights up. We mean more than the eyes of your LotRO lover on Christmas morning.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy Song Book Set ($40) Sheet music including piano, chords and vocals to 19 songs used in the movies including songs performed by Enya and Annie Lennox. We think this is a great idea for a game that has a unique in-game music performance system. However, we don't think any of this music includes Moor Cowbell.

Pipe of Gandalf ($49) How cool is this? A 9" replica of Gandalf's smoking pipe. Considering there is pipe-weed farming and intricate pipe-smoke formations in-game, this would be a great gift for the avid Farmer. Don't get too excited, though, the pipe is non-functional.

The Sword of Arwen Model ($35) This 8-3/8" model replica of the sword of the Rivendell maiden is the perfect present for anyone who identifies with the Elven Princess. The lore behind the weapon is what makes it particularly significant. Named Hadhafang the Throng-cleaver it was owned by Arwen's Elven grandmother, wielded by Elrond in the great battle against Sauron and used by Arwen to aid Frodo in his flight from the Nazgûl. This is a great reminder that, in these days, the ladies kick as much evil ass as the guys. Other miniature weapon replicas from Lord of the Rings can be purchased as well including your very own Ringwraith sword!

22k Gold - The One Ring ($1,199) - Yes, you'll have to cough up a big bag of gold to pay for this gift, but you are getting the embodiment of Sauron's evil to show off to your friends and family. Each one is made to order and has Elven inscription in red, black or plain script. That'll show up the neighbor with the Merlin hat pretending to be Gandalf on Halloween. There are also cheaper versions as well from $70 on up.

If you're at the end of this list and still haven't found that special something for that special someone, check out New Line's online LotR shop or Tolkien Town's extensive list of items. Plus, there's always Amazon and EBay. Whatever you do get, just make sure it's not in-game gold for real life cash. That will get you this in your stocking this year:
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