Channel 4 launches HD simulcast on Sky

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.11.07

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Channel 4 launches HD simulcast on Sky
Good news for those with Sky: Channel 4 is now available to you in glorious high-definition. The channel has officially launched an HD simulcast on the sat provider, with crisper versions of Holloaks and Ugly Betty being highlighted. Apparently, the former show will be committed to HD as of next Spring, and Channel 4 HD will also air "a number of live music specials" including ones that feature The Scissor Sisters and Keane. At first, the channel will be a mixture of HD and SD programming, and it will purportedly air "around 10 films and series episodes in HD per week." This addition brings the total of dedicated HD channels on Sky to 14, and it should be available right now to anyone with a Sky HD box and an active Sky viewing card.

[Via Digital Spy]
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