Time magazine names Halo 3 game of the year

It's time for Time magazine and every other publication to start dropping their "top whatever" lists of the year. Taking the high honor this year from Time in video games for being "a pebble that has been rounded over the centuries by the gentle splashing of the ocean waves" is Halo 3. The magazine notes that Bungie has refined the series to the point of "pure, unadulterated gaming bliss," though we're a little lost when it calls Halo "graphically gorgeous." Still, it's Time -- we're not expecting too much accuracy from the mainstream press when it comes to video games lately.

The next two spots on the Time list are held by The Orange Box and Rock Band, with both games getting their spots for presenting a bunch of things in one package. Rounding out the top five are Super Mario Galaxy and BioShock. With any luck, BioShock won't be missing from many mainstream lists just because it came out more than a month ago. Heck, we're hoping it doesn't get forgotten on a lot of industry lists.