New maps, fixes coming for Team Fortress 2

A squeaky wheel over at NeoGAF got greased down by a Valve staffer recently with a boatload of info on Team Fortress 2's future, both on consoles and PC. After poster and 360 owner "Shamrock" complained about a lack of communication from the company, software engineer Kerry Davis replied (in an email Shamrock reposted), painting a bright picture of the game's future, with a new patch just sent to Microsoft for certification that "fixes several game-play exploits, improves bandwidth usage, improves stats reporting and fixes some menu bugs."

There are also new maps in the pipeline. Davis said that PC players would probably get the new levels piecemeal as they're finished and 360 owners would likely be downloading a PC pack. There is no mention of similar treatment for PS3 players. We're going to hope that's just because Davis was talking to a 360 owner and not because of ... well, you know. Other stuff.

[Via Shacknews]