3D camera aims to offer Wii-like gameplay [update]

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David Hinkle
December 15th, 2007
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3D camera aims to offer Wii-like gameplay [update]
Wii's success was bound to cause a few imitators to emerge from the deep, dark crevices below the earth and embrace the light of the surface. The most popular one that seems to keep coming up is the Vii, but now a new camera from a company called 3DV Systems out of Israel has become the latest. Called the ZCam, it's a 3D camera for your PC that will pick up motion much in the way the Wiimote senses your actions and translates them into in-game movements.

During a recent demonstration of the device, 3DV Chief Executive Zvika Klier said "The Wii has shown us the way, but this device can take things so much farther." The camera isn't limited to two dimensions of movement, however, as it can also track depth. Klier demonstrated both an airplane game where movement of the aircraft was controlled by his arms, using his thumbs to activate machine games and drop bombs, and a boxing game. As you can imagine, the boxing game had him throwing punches and bobbing and weaving as he played. "The Wii has shown us the way, but this device can take things so much farther," he commented. "With this, we can really put you into the game," he said.

So, do we have a Wii killer on our hand, folks? Would you like to know more?

Update: Sorry folks, I didn't mean to use the same line twice in one paragraph (obviously) and the post has been fixed.
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