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Best of 2007: First-party games [update]

David Hinkle
David Hinkle|@davehinkle|December 18, 2007 11:15 AM
With the end of 2007 approaching at near lightning-fast speed, we thought it would be nice to check out what you, the excellent reader, thought about the games of this year. First up, we have the obvious: first-party games. We have a good idea which game you're going to say, but in the name of healthy debate, check out all of the choices past the break.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

Every game doesn't have to have some big epic storyline or level after level of boss fights or some big, stylish presentation. Maybe a great game helps you learn something about yourself. Given that, maybe you found the self-help nature of Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree and its multiplayer aspects very endearing.


Battalion Wars 2

Nintendo's Bwii is quite the great game. We found it near-perfect when running the title through its paces for review. Bwii even has a pretty fun online mode. Overall, the game is just buckets of fun. Different units, different challenges and different things to love about it. But, is it enough to set it apart from the next game up for the crown?


Super Mario Galaxy

This is likely going to be the choice for most of you. We can't say we blame you; it's an amazing game. It deserves all of the praise it's received. We're sure some of you out there probably didn't get all of the 120 stars in the game yet. Keep at it!


Mario Strikers Charged

The game that kicked off the online scene on the Wii. Soccer isn't everyone's game, but we know tons of you hopped on this bandwagon because of the online play. Many of you still probably get down with this game online. But, is the online enough to make it your pick for first-party game of the year?


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

So sad when a great thing comes to the end. Easily the best in the trilogy, in our eyes. Heck, we might even say it's our favorite Metroid game of all time. Well, maybe not ... Super Metroid is pretty damn great. But, so is this game! And, more people need to buy it. In fact, go out and buy another copy. Oh, and tell us if it's your favorite first-party game of the year.


Pokemon Battle Revolution

Finally, we come to Nintendo's heavy-hitting franchise. The fact that it's a fairly hollow game on its own didn't detract many from giving it a whirl as they battled with their little monsters to their heart's content. Plus, the online battle made many a person's day, we're sure. Is it enough to make it your first-party game of the year, though?


Super Paper Mario

How could anyone look over Super Paper Mario? It's fun nature and clever writing had it as easily one of the best times on the Wii. However, when stacking it up against other titles, we wouldn't call the game a top contender now, but we know many of you found the humor to just be spot on and the game to be an overall pleasant experience.


Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Radiant Dawn is a game our very own Candace said was "hard -- very hard in fact -- but in a good way." It's an epic title that offers fans of fantastic, intertwining story lines taking place in Middle Age-type settings something. So, there's that. But, aside from that niche group of people, the sound gameplay is there and the franchise fans love themselves some Fire Emblem, so we know many of you want your voices to be heard.

Mario Party 8

Adding some waggle to the minigame madness of Mario Party 8 managed to impress a lot of people. The game sold well and quickly became one of the go-to titles for the multiplayer gamer. Local multiplayer, that is. But the backstabbing due to the highly desirable nature of the "star" meant that rifts would form. Because of this game's incredible power to both create and destroy the life of those who played it, Mario Party 8 will not soon be forgotten.


WarioWare: Smooth Moves

The Wii installment in this franchise is easily the best, as the variety of minigames and other challenges within are varied and incredibly fun. It makes for a great game with friends and by yourself, never failing to make you bust a gut at how hilarious and fun the title is. Many have enjoyed it, so it definitely deserves to be considered for best first-party game of the year.

Now it's time to cast your vote. Let your voice be heard and help us decide what the best first-party Wii game of 2007 is!


Update: I seem to have forgotten to add a couple of big titles for the Wii. I apologize for the error and have fixed the post and poll, hopefully to satisfaction. All threats of unicorn massacre and gumdrop manufacturing strikes may be sent to david [at] nintendowiifanboy [dawt] com.