WoW gifts? I has em!

Marcie Knox
M. Knox|12.19.07

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WoW gifts?  I has em!

WoW is a big part of the time my husband and I spend together. If we're not actually playing, we're usually talking about strategies or our in-game goals. Likewise, I spend a ton of time with my guildmates, either raiding or just joking around. These are people I consider good friends.

So with one of the major gift giving holidays just around the corner, I've been working on ideas for WoW-themed presents for the lot of them. And I'm certainly not the only one. The folks over at Warcraft Chicks have been compiling a list of inexpensive to legendary items you can buy or make for your loved ones. There are also a lot of posts over on WoW Ladies about gift ideas. Likewise, Grumble N' Autumnn has compiled a list of in-game toys.

At this point, though, there's less than a week before Christmas. Yikes! So in the interest of time, I'm going to put together one giant list of WoW-related holiday gift ideas and where you can get them.

Winter Veil Cookies - The Bronze Kettle
Winter Veil Bark - Well Fed Buff
Screenshot Mousepad - How-to
Character Plushie - How-to, Tauren Shaman Example, Orc Warrior Example
Wall Paper/Forum Avatar/E-Postcard - Any Picture Editing Software, The Bronze Kettle 1, 2
Boss Kill Compilation/Holiday Video - How-to
Custom Christmas Cards - Googled
Custom Shirt/Apron/Mug/Calendar/Ornament/Poster/Button, etc. - Cafe Press
Picture Blanket - Googled

Epic Mount - Cute Story, List
Non-Combat Pets - List
Balls/CharTransformers/Hats/etc. - Grumble N' Autumnn
Holiday Clothes - Chests, Boots, Hats
Fun Clothes - List
Off-Hand Frills - List
Wrapping Paper - List (Non-stackable items only)
Snacks - List

Game Card - Amazon
Shirts/Keychains/Wrapping Paper/Hats/Stickers/Patches/Pins - Jinx (New Holiday Additions)
WoW Soundtrack - Blizzard
Ornament/Soap/Charms/Keyring/Bumper Magnet - Mana Princess
Charms/Earrings/Stickers - The Bronze Kettle 1, 2
Khorium Ornament - Paul Pape Designs
WoW Behind the Scenes DVD - Blizzard
Keyboard - Zboard
Boardgame - Blizzard
Character Figurine - Figure Prints
Calendars - Daily, Year, Year of Hunter Pets
Laptop - Dell Wow Package
WoW Comics - DC Comics (1st one), WoW Insider (2nd one)
TCG Loot Cards - The Game Shop, Ebay [thanks ScytheNoire!]

Bloggers' Lewt
Big Red Kitty
Warcraft Chicks

Mania's Arcania

If you know of anything I missed or any ideas you have for a home-made WoW Christmas, be sure to leave a comment below. I'll be updating the list as new items come in!

Disclaimer: I'm not personally endorsing any of these products or even saying you can order them in time (or at all). It's just a guide. Ultimately you're on your own. Best of luck!

[Special thanks to SugarChick of Warcraft Chicks]

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