SCEA trademarks 'Resistance 2'

Ross Miller
R. Miller|12.24.07

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SCEA trademarks 'Resistance 2'
A trademark has been filed by Sony Computer Entertainment of America for the name Resistance 2. Although this writer initially assumed SCEA was prepping an educational game on introductory circuitry, the rest of the Joystiq staff quickly reminded him of the well-received Resistance: Fall of Man that launched with the PlayStation 3.

Wow, we did not see this coming -- it's a holiday miracle! Is Sony laying groundwork for a sequel? Do they really think it financially wise to make a sequel to one of the best, most critically-acclaimed titles on the PS3? (Answer: probably.) Perhaps they're just protecting the name before someone else claims the title for Resistance 2: Fall of Hen, which is in fact a sequel to the 2000 film Chicken Run and a direct competitor to the equally punful, and equally fictional, Deers of War. (Answer: No, they're not.)

No formal announcement has been made. According to the game's lore, Chimeran forces have invaded all of Europe, giving developer Insomniac a vast number of prestigious churches to anger.

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