It's-a-me, Martinet! Signing your DS!

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JC Fletcher
December 30th, 2007
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It's-a-me, Martinet! Signing your DS!

DSes with signatures of Nintendo luminaries come up now and then, but a system with a moustachioed smiley face on it signed by a secondary figure like the voice of Mario is a rarity. eBay seller mus_ne is auctioning off this white DS Lite autographed and WooHoo!!!-graphed by Charles Martinet, for, well, rather a lot of money. It does come with screen protectors and a "DS Lite Cotton Sock," which ... still doesn't make the thing worth $400.

Just think: with this DS, you can be reminded of how Martinet totally ruined the Super Mario Advance games even when you're not playing the Super Mario Advance games.

[Via GameSniped]
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