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Napster's microSD Napster To Go kit for Japan


Think Napster isn't serious about being big in Japan? Well check this from the former P2P darling. No, it's not tradeshow shwag -- it's microSD storage (and USB cable, a couple of adapters, and Napster logo stickers) that will cost ya a big fat ¥10,000 (about $82) premium for the privilege of advertising their service on Hagiwara Sys-Com's 1GB card, or ¥5,000 ($41) for the 512MB model. Apparently, Napster won't be pulling punches in support of their recently launched direct-to-mobile download service with NTT DoCoMo. The new cards and adapters allow select handsets from the FOMA 902i and new 903i series of devices to get in on Napster to Go which requires a microSD card for syncing. Of course, any microSD card will work but why cloud the issue with facts? Still, having recently boosted revenue guidance for the quarter, perhaps Napster just like Big in Japan has to exit their home turf to get super... once again.

[Via Impress]

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