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Nokia's N800 secretly packing an FM radio chip?

Darren Murph

Alright manufacturers, we're totally down with throwing in a bit of draft-N love or even a free FM radio, but seriously, why not activate the goods (without some controversial fee) before shipping these things out? Nokia's N800 Internet Tablet has withstood its fair share of unboxing and dissecting experiments already, and while we've seen one episode of a less-than-thrilling implementation of FM today, the N800's dirty little secret could have been a nice inclusion. If you're wondering why all those reviews never mentioning tuning into their favorite FM station while plugging away, it's likely because only a curious file dweller would find such a gem, and discover he did. Andrew Barr reportedly unearthed an FM radio chip built right into the N800, and even found a dedicated software folder where the application to run it was held. Nokia would probably suggest that a simple lack of time is the reason behind the half-hearted attempt, but if you're still not a believer that the N800 plays nice with those ho hum, commercial-filled broadcasts you love to hate, click on through for a live demonstration.

[Via InternetTabletTalk]

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