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Live Interior 3D: computer aided interior design

Mat Lu

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I have to admit I'm a fan of Ukraine-based BeLight Software. I regularly use both Mail Factory and Swift Publisher, and now they have released an interesting new application: Live Interior 3D. As you would expect from the name, it's a Computer Aided (Interior) Design package. Basically, it includes both a top-down 2D plan view (like a blue-print) in which you can locate walls, doors and windows to lay out the rooms, and drop in furniture, decorations, etc. Then there is a 3D mode that renders the design live and allows you to "walk" around inside your rooms. It includes a variety of 3D objects (with an IKEA feel) and you can import many more from Google's online warehouse for SketchUp. Unfortunately, as you can see from my meager attempt above, it does include Computer Aided Tastefulness.

Live Interior 3D is available either by download or in a boxed edition for $79.95 (non-profit pricing is available). A demo (which precludes saving) is available for download.

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