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Alienware's Hangar 18 launches


Alienware's Hangar 18 is open for business, as we've entered the fortress tall and come away with a few more details on this new AMD LIVE! Home Cinema PC. The low end configuration comes in at $1,999, 250GB of storage, 720p video output via HDMI and an AMD Athlon X2 4200+, to the $3,899 model with 2TB of DVR storage, 1080p video, 4600+ and 4GB of RAM. Those steel hardware walls are wrapped around Windows Vista Home Premium with all the Media Center features we're used to, which should mean easy streaming of all that content to your PS3 or Xbox 360. The only military intelligence that doesn't make sense, is that you'll be forced to choose between 720p output with up to 4 tuners (2 analog, 2 digital), or 1080p with only 2 tuners (1 each.) Still, the standard 5.1 channel amplifier and wireless Gyration remote it makes for an impressive media PC package, expect it to ship June 21st.

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