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Archos TV Plus details, hands-on

Ryan Block, @ryan

Ok, ok, we admit, the Archos TV Plus we got to manhandle was only a prototype -- at best. (It was really more of a mockup.) But we did bring home a lot of interesting info for those curious to know more details about Archos's first DVR / media streamer.
  • The Archos TV Plus will feature typical DVR functionality, including an IR blaster for cable boxes; it takes input via component, composite, or S-Video
  • It can only output up to 720p via HDMI; it only records up to VGA resolution MPEG-4 files, so HD programs will be downscaled
  • The media files it records are un-DRMed, and can be synced to your Archos portable -- but only via direct USB connection, not over Ethernet or WiFi
  • It can also stream WMV, FLV, and MPEG-4 content via your home UPnP server
  • It also has a remote with jog-wheel and QWERTY keyboard
  • It will start out with two drive sizes: 80 and 250GB, and should run between $200 and $350 when it launches this fall
Ok, we're done with that biz -- ready for some pics?

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