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Microsoft and Immersion heading to court... again


Looks like Microsoft, no slouch when it comes to lawsuits, is heading back to court for another round of player-hating, he-said-she-said proceedings with Immersion (no stranger to the court system itself). The case seems a two-way deal stemming from a 2002 Immersion patent infringement suit, in which Microsoft paid $26m to settle the case and buy a piece of the business; apparently Immersion hasn't honored a clause stating that Microsoft is to receive some change in the event that Immersion and Sony settle, and the folks in Redmond want retribution: $15m minimum. Immersion, of course, thinks it's not required to pay out any such cash, leading one enraged Microsoft rep to shout into a hanging mic, "We will show Immersion the meaning of rumble!" No, not really, but we'd certainly plunk down to see Microsoft and Immersion counsel duke it out in the square circle instead of a stodgy court room.

[Via Gamasutra]

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