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iPhone spottings, "first hand" claims abound

Darren Murph

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We know, the world's obvious obsession with the iPhone is indeed getting a bit out of hand, but we can't deny that we wish it was our hands wrapped tightly around the iPhone purportedly pictured there on the right. With just eight days to go, it seems that the iPhone has become a bit less of a hermit and has managed to make itself seen on numerous occasions. Most interesting, however, is a post over at the MacRumors forums in which a self-proclaimed "wine director in a prominent restaurant" not only caught an "Apple employee" toying with the coveted handset at dinner, but managed to score a few precious moments (five minutes to be precise) with it as well. Of course, most of the monologue covered aspects that you've all been made aware of ad nauseum, but if you're in the mood for humoring yourself, feel free to read along and believe what you will.

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