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Take 2: Grand Theft Auto IV delay cause 'almost strictly technological challenges'

Justin McElroy

Take 2 said that the decision to delay almost-sure-to-be-a-mega-hit Grand Theft Auto IV into the second fiscal quarter of 2008 was recent, having just been made today with Rockstar after reviewing a build of the game yesterday. Saying in a conference call today that they didn't think it was "helpful or beneficial" to go in to specifics, Take 2 declined to say the exact issues behind the delays, though they did say that it was "almost strictly technological challenges." They emphasized that they're highly confident that the delay will be enough time to bring the game up to snuff and that consumers and investors would "agree that the end result was worth the wait."

Chairman Strauss Zelnick pointed out that the install base for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 should be significantly larger by Q2 of FY 2008, though they insist that didn't have a bearing on their decision. One company spokesperson admitted that other publishers may be happy to see GTA IV moved out of the holiday season, saying, "I think for the industry it's not necessarily the worst thing in the world ... just to be perfectly candid."

Also, it was mentioned that Manhunt 2 isn't listed for release next year, but Take 2 says that's more cautionary due to the game's ratings issues rather than an insinuation that the game won't make 2008.

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