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VDO Dayton announces PN 4000, PN 6000 DVB-T-equipped GPS units


VDO Dayton took advantage of the recent IAA International Motor Show to show off its two latest GPS devices, both of which boast DVB-T capabilities for some added in-car entertainment / distraction. From the looks of it, the new PN 4000 and PN 6000 models are identical in every respect except for screen size, with the former boasting a 4.3-inch widescreen display and the latter packing a slightly larger 5.3-inch screen. Otherwise, you can expect both to handle all the usual PMP duties in addition to the aforementioned DVB-T feature, with an SD card slot provided for storage, and real-time traffic info available with an optional TMC receiver. No word on pricing or availability just yet, although we wouldn't expect to see them outside of Europe.

[Via NaviGadget]

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