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Heidolph's VV Micro Evaporator: the flavor extractor

Darren Murph

For those yearning to add more flavor to your dishes (at any cost), look no further than Heidolph's VV Micro Evaporator. Aside from rocking a Chemistry lab-inspired design, this device essentially acts as a small distillery by extracting flavored juiced from nearly any food. Users simply toss a few berries (or similar) into the glass evaporation flask, and the device subsequently heats things up until a "vacuum pump reduces the air pressure in the flask, which drops the boiling point of the water inside to as low as 112ºF." Afterwards, the vapor rises into a condenser where it's left to cool and collect into a final dish for your enjoyment. Overkill, we know, but what's a cool three grand to a chef who's obsessed with his / her art?

[Via Popular Science]

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