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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin to support online, voice chat, and Map Center

Eric Caoili

Previews for Advance Wars: Days of Ruin reveal that the game's cheerful tone isn't the only thing Intelligent Systems stripped from the turn-based strategy title; fans of the series can expect to find a lot of the "distractions and unnecessary elements" that plagued previous games to be missing. Dual-screen battles and "many advanced units" were cut, and unbalancing CO powers have been softened in favor of more strategic maneuvering.

Gamers waiting for online support's inevitable addition can rejoice, however, as Wi-Fi battles and voice chat made the list of new features planned for Days of Ruin's January 21st, 2008 release. A Map Center system of sharing, rating, and downloading online maps will also come included with the 170 scenarios on the cart.

New troops like the Motorbike (lightly-armed vehicles that can capture territories), Flare (infantry capable of clearing fog-of-war from a distance), and Duster (air units equipped to fight off aerial and ground opponents) promise to add creative angles to past tactics. Check past the post break for more off-screen videos of those units in action.

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