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Jack Thompson shows how smart he is on Fox News


As if Fox News has been a beacon for intelligent discussion and sensible thinking throughout the years, it still manages to surprise us every now and then. Take the Cashin' In segment presented above, for example, which brings on "anti-violence activist" Jack Thompson to discuss the Manhunt 2 ban in Europe and the debate as to whether it should be banned here in the States. Jack claims that there are different acts of fraud going on with the game and the ESRB (o ... kay?) and that the game surely didn't have enough time to be altered from an "Adult's Only" to "Mature" rating. Last time we checked, Jack wasn't a game designer or programmer, so we're sure he has no clue when it comes to game development (or much else, for that matter).

The rest of the video is pretty much your usual Fox News fair, with each side yelling at each other and no resolution to the conflict made, so if it's your thing, hit up the video above.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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