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Dell's XPS One gets undressed and naughty


Dell's XPS One -- by now you know just about all there is, right? Well, did you know that the XPS One and A2010 are one and the same? According to details provided to us, we now know that the entire rear cover slides off with the simple removal of a pair of under-mounted screws. Unusual for all-in-one PCs this sleek. That gives enthusiasts easy access to the 3.5-inch SATA disk, optical disc drive, discrete graphics card, and 2x DIMM slots for memory upgrades. There's also a fair bit of polish with nine touch-capacitive media buttons (volume, play/pause, FF, etc.) along the right-side bezel which remain illuminated indefinitely when sensing (via proximity sensor) the presence of your fingers. The buttons automatically dim as you move away. The optical drive displays a blue arc outlining an inserted disc but does not offer any type of manual, forced eject -- a Dell field service call is required to remove any stuck media (gulp). Complete specs after the break, all sorts of sexy in the gallery.

Update: Oh, and this model features a 20-inch 1,680 x 1050 display according to the new specs -- not 22-inch as we originally heard. Of course, there are likely to be different sized models released so we're not disappointed, yet.

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