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Hellgate: London subscriptions temporarily offline

Chris Chester

As a whole, it's probably fair to say that MMO players are a tolerant lot. We're generally willing to put up with bugs, unbalanced players classes, and sparse content when we jump into an MMO for the first time. Usually the excitement of being part of a new world overrides the feeling that we're paying money for an unfinished product. What is likely to irk us however, is when we purchase a game, install it, and go to put in our subscription information and ... oops, the subscription system is bugged! Sadly, such is the case with Hellgate: London, with Flagship Studios announcing, " Subscriptions are temporarily unavailable due to technical issues."

Now, as we understand it, that doesn't mean that players can't play the game, it just means that nobody yet has access to the subscriber content yet, which is supposed to be such a big feature for hardcore fans. Though I guess if you really look at what the subscriber content is (bells and whistles like new items, character classes, themed events, and the like), it's supposed to be the icing to the rest of the game's cake, and it's highly unlikely that players have already dug through all that cake in the span of a single day. Still, we'll keep you posted on the status of this subscriber bug. Hopefully it doesn't scuttle the launch completely.

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