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Lux-Pain is apparently a big deal


Lux-Pain is a fairly under-the-radar adventure game from new developer Killaware, in which you scratch at people with the stylus to psychically discover secret information. Or, at least, we thought it was under the radar. But publisher Marvelous is giving it a big push in Japan, bundling it with two preorder bonuses, both with cute names. Lux-Sound is, obviously, a soundtrack CD, and Lux-Paint is an artbook.

So now, because of a CD of music we wouldn't know if we like, and a book of art we find kind of generic, we want this game that we'd have to import. Of course, we wouldn't even get this preorder stuff if we bought the game. We shudder to think what glowing orbs of information would be hidden inside our minds if someone were to scrape a spirit-stylus over us.

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