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Andy Serkis spearheading East England game industry network


Gamasutra reports that Andy Serkis is to become a ringleader of sorts for a new game industry network in the East of England. The actor, best known for his motion-captured portrayal of Gollum in Lord of the Rings and Bohan in the PlayStation 3's Heavenly Sword, will kick off "Games Eden" in the hopes of encouraging and supporting game development within the region. The endeavor aims to keep industry members in touch through an international website and a series of networking events, with the envisioned result being the growth of the economy within the region. Awfully nice of him, really.

Funded by the East of England Development Agency (EEDA), East of England International (EEI), Screen East and FDMX, Games Eden will be guided by one of those committee things (we're told Princess Leia is a poor example of one) comprised of representatives from the likes of Sony, Zoonami and Ninja Theory. As gaming continues to grow larger and more lucrative, you can likely expect similar initiatives to take root in industry hot spots around the world.

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