Machines at War: light RTS

Mat Lu
M. Lu|01.02.08

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Machines at War: light RTS

I suspect like a lot of you I spent a lot of time visiting family this Christmas season, and while I love to see the folks sometimes you just need a little break from the togetherness. Unfortunately, however, my road machine is a MacBook with its anemic graphics, so I went looking around for a decent game that would run on limited hardware. And I found it. Machines at War is a light-weight 2D real time strategy game in the tradition of StarCraft.

While it's not the deepest RTS available it runs great on the MacBook. The graphics, while limited, are quite serviceable. It doesn't support multiplayer and the total number of units is limited, but it's prefect for whiling away an hour or two on the road. Recommended.

Machines at War is $19.95 from isotope244 and a demo is available.

Incidentally, Apple has suggestions for gaming on various hardware, including the MacBook. What games have you found to run well on limited hardware?
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