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College football players train on custom EA Sports simulator

Coaches of college football teams have a lot of resources at their disposal to make sure they can get the best performance possible out of their student athletes -- resources like research films, exercise and diet regimens, and other training programs. However, according to a recent article on MSNBC, quarterbacks from LSU and Tennessee State have received additional training from an unlikely source: A custom-built college football simulator using the Madden and NCAA engines by EA Sports.

The game features the playbook of the offensive line of the team it was designed for, and includes the defensive playbook of every other team. Based on the offensive play you choose, you can see how your opponent will react -- and how to best counter each team's defense. The quarterbacks who have played the game said that it helps them learn how other teams match up against their own, and the best routes to use to get around their opponents.

It sounds like a pretty fun learning tool -- we wish there was a game we could play that would teach us how to blog more effectively. Perhaps Broderbund, the now defunct makers of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, could get back together to make JoySim: The Joystiq Simulator. A doubtful scenario, to be sure, but still -- we can dream.