Live from Panasonic's press conference

Steven Kim
S. Kim|01.06.08

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Live from Panasonic's press conference

10:37AM PT - Panasonic's press conference is about to begin, and we're here. Expect big news on the mondo-sized Lifewall plasma, LCD talk, and Blu-ray drives. Stay tuned, we'll be live blogging from inside.

10:58AM PT - We're in and the crowd is taking its seats. Beatles are playing, always a crowd fave.

11:06AM PT - And we're off! Follow us after the break.

11:06AM PT - Panasonic Chairman Yoshi Yamada takes the stage. Panasonic is starting the year off right with the CES keynote.

11:08AM PT - Now talking about a successful year, and great stuff to look forward to with their Olympic sponsorship and many more industry affiliations. Panasonic is touting their leadership role in plasma TVs.

11:10AM PT - Half of American houses have DTV, and Panasonic is going to be there. All of this is part of their "Living in High Definition" program, to show how HD can make everybody's lives better. The end-user feedback Panasonic is getting from this program is really beneficial, and they'll be expanding the program to 100 households.

11:13AM PT - 2008 will see Panasonic going green. Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba are joined together in recycling efforts. This cooperation is the most effective way to address sustainability.

11:16AM PT - Now showing off some clips form the "Living in High Definition" program. It's reality meets tech, folks! Lots of excited people (who wouldn't love getting a load of free gear?) and smiles all around. Technology can bring the family together. Families that tech together, stay together!?

11:18AM PT - Panasonic CE President Shiro Kitajima now takes the stage to talk more about what Panasonic has learned from "Living in High Definition."

11:20AM PT - The Viera lineup is getting enhancements for 2008, hitting all the consumer faves - image quality, ease of use and great support. 37 and 46-inch models.

11:22AM PT - Now Kitajima is showing off the Viera link, demonstrating the oh so easy-to-use integrated SD card slot. Now he's playing back SD-based AVCHD video content as well.

11:26AM PT - Expect to see this feature in all 2008 Blu-ray players as well! Including the BD-Live player they're showing of this year at the booth.

11:27AM PT - Now the assistant is taking center stage to demo some more Viera features. Expect 16 models across the line in 2008, four of which carry THX certification. They're really pushing the Viera TC-36LZ800.

11:29AM PT - DMP-BD30 Blu-ray player and a new 32GB SDHC are now getting to show off.

11:30AM PT - SC-BT100 HTIB system now. iPod integration, of course. People love the ease of these things, no doubt!

11:31AM PT - KX-TH1211 Link to cell phone. Apartment dwellers that hve black holes of reception about the casa now can leave the cell phone by the window and carry this handset around the home.

11:32AM PT - Strada GP50U GPS and DVD-LS86 portable DVD player are getting billing now. But, wait, there's still more: the HDC-SD9 AVCHD recorder (the world's smallest HD recorder) , and it's got a sibling HDC-HS9 that packs a hard drive. If HD isn't your think, they've got other camcorders for you.

11:36AM PT - Joseph Taylor, CEO now takes the stage. Talking about the transition from analog to digital, again playing on the family-centric theme. Look for more news at the keynote tomorrow -- good times ahead!

11:39AM PT - That's it, folks; we're out!
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