Samsung's YA-BS900 Hyper 3-channel Bluetooth speaker gets official

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.06.08

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Recall that curious "3-channel" speaker we peeked back in November? Turns out, Samsung was saving the good stuff for CES, and now we're being blessed with a whole heap of official details. The YA-BS900 speaker automatically connects to your BT-enabled PMP / handset / etc. and features Bluetooth 2.1, a motion detector to power on the system when a paired device comes near, 30-watts of power and a USB port for playing tunes stored on a flash drive. Furthermore, it even boasts automatic volume reduction when a call comes in on your paired mobile, and while the onboard touch controls are fine and dandy, we'd certainly take advantage of that remote if we were you. Sadly, this beauty won't be available for two more months, and as if that weren't depressing enough, it'll cost you a staggering $399 when March finally does roll around.
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