CES keynote to demo cool new tech despite ridiculous name

Akela Talamasca
A. Talamasca|01.07.08

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CES keynote to demo cool new tech despite ridiculous name
Monday's CES keynote will see Intel CEO Paul Otellini's presentation on what he's calling 'Third Life' -- a furthering of the concepts behind what has made Second Life so popular. The technology behind the keynote -- a virtual performance of 'Walkin' on the Sun' by actual Smash Mouth members -- will showcase the latest improvements in motion capture, streaming media, and multicore processors.

I'm glad Intel is taking such an interest in the future of online social environments, but Smash Mouth? Hey, I enjoyed that earworm as much as anyone when it debuted ... in 1997. Can we move on, please? And 'Third Life'? Does this mean we can expect next year's presentation to be called 'Fourth Life'? Will we see a 'Three-point-Five-point-Two Life' between now and then? Stick with hardware, Intel, and let Chiat-Day handle the promotional stuff.

[Update: Sister site Engadget has a liveblog of the keynote]
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