Live from DISH Network's press conference

Steven Kim
S. Kim|01.07.08

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Live from DISH Network's press conference

10:54AM PT - We're here at the DISH's press conference. Folks are taking their seats, and it's pretty laid back right now. Expect to hear about new DVRs and plenty of HD goodies!

11:02AM PT - Okay, things are getting underway. Follow us in after the break for the news.11:04AM PT - Starting things off with Carl Vogel, President and Vice-chairman. He'll be sketching out the roadmap for EchoStar and DISH. It's all about leadership across their markets, in software, hardware and service. Some satellite launch issues in 2007, but they're looking forward to smoother sailing in 2008.

11:05AM PT - 2007 saw DISH grow to the third largest operator. Growing the biz takes capital, so it's a management challenge. Witness the Sling acquisition, a good business decision. Having some troubles with the slides, so we'll hold back a bit.

11:12AM PT - Back on track with the slides now. Talk of DISH and SATS business divisions. Control, quality, value -- those are the key points for DISH. "TV, the way you want it, when you want it" on fixed and portable scenarios.

11:14AM PT - There are no gimmicks with DISH, just simple packaging schemes without promo obfuscation.

11:16AM PT - Targeting the 100 national HD channels, in 100 markets. 62 markets in Q1/Q2 2008. DISH Interactive is a differentiator, and highly valued. Now talking about DISH Decision 2008 Election Portal -- a way to move forward with consumer interaction/entertainment. DISH loves that they've received billing as a "better DVR than TiVo."

11:20AM PT - Now Mark jackson, President takes stage. The EchoStar Holding Corp. gives some welcome flexibility to the business side of the house. But it's not just about selling equipment -- it's also about passing along value to customers.

11:14AM PT - Now talking ViP 722 DVR. MPEG-4, 500GB, two-TV box, external hard drive ready via USB 2.0 and portable media player ready. The lineup stretches down to the ViP 612, aimed at single user situations. Coming soon, the ViP211k -- an entry level model for value conscious customers. New this year will be the DVR conversion for converting your non-DVR to DVR functionality.

11:24AM PT - Don't forget the analog shutoff. DISH will offer the TR-40 converter boxe at $39.99, underneath the coupon value. The TR-50 is a MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 capable DVR that DISH will be rolling out as well. Archos is covering the portable space, and it can be connected to the ViP 722 or ViP622.

11:27AM PT - Blake Kirkorian, CEO, co-founder and chairman of Sling media takes the stage.

11:28AM PT - Watching has moved beyond the living room. Sling's is touting the vision of being display, source, and location independence to the consumer.

11:30AM PT - Guess what - the friend recommendation network is how people really get turned on to new programming to watch.

11:32AM PT - SlingModem -- DOCSIS2.0 cable modem plus SlingBox functionality is getting billing as the "first true triple-play product." And it won't be limited to any one platform or provider.

11:33AM PT - Bringing the watercooler conversation to the web. Clip+Sling lets friends share clips with family and friends via the web. Blake gives kudos to EchoStar for keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive for Sling.

11:39AM PT - Floor gets opened up for questions. "Big picture" talk here around the convergence theme. Four satellites planned for launch in 2008, two carried over from 2007. They'll be putting up one bird per quarter.

11:43AM PT - Tru2way and console direct download in the living room are brought up. EchoStar will be bringing forth 2-way broadband products, and DISH will do what works best for the satellite platform.

11:49AM PT - We're out, folks!
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