Pininfarina sets out to build its own all-electric car

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Pininfarina sets out to build its own all-electric car
Pininfarina may be best known as the design firm behind vehicles from Ferrari, Maserati and the like, but it's mainly popped up on our radar as of late due to its sporadic forays into hard drive design. We're now getting a little closer to the company's bread and butter, however, as the firm recently announced that it's planning to build it's own all-electric car. That'll apparently be done in collaboration with France's Bolloré Group, who'll supply the car's Lithium Metal Polymer battery technology while Pininfarina handles just about everything else (including the branding). Details on the car itself are still a bit light, obviously, but it'll apparently be a four-seater, and boast a range of 155 miles in city driving, with a top speed of 81 miles per hour. No word on what they expect the car to cost, unfortunately, but Pininfarina's hoping to have it available in Europe, Japan, and the United States by 2010.

[Via Core77]
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