Audition Online dev talks bringing something to the Wii

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Audition Online dev talks bringing something to the Wii
It's no surprise to anyone that Korea is one of the largest games markets around. Nintendo just found out that the region is worth the effort, as they officially opened up shop there during July of last year. It wasn't without its bumps, but the ride itself has been an overall pleasant one for Nintendo.

Now, the Korean developers behind Audition Online are in talks with Nintendo to bring something to the Wii. Yoo-Ra Kim, CMO and director of T3 Entertainment, commented "Luckily, yesterday, I met a Nintendo guy from here. He was interested in one of our titles, and next year, we're going to have a meeting. Soon, I can show you another Nintendo version!" Kim also goes on to say "We are very flexible, so unless they suggest too tough of conditions, we'd really love to do it. Some of our titles really fit for the Nintendo Wii. They really fit."

While we'd like to see Audition Online retooled for the Wii (gotta love those rhythm games), we're not quite sure that's the case here. Instead, we're of the mind that T3 could be looking to bring something new to the console.

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[Via Nintendic]
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