DXG's 565V hopes for "must have" status from Girl's Life

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Thomas Ricker
January 8th, 2008
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DXG's 565V hopes for "must have" status from Girl's Life

Hooray, another budget camcorder from DXG. Perfect for "teens, college students, young adults, and women" who apparently all fit into the category of lovers of cheap, questionable quality recorders. The DXG-565V is a 5 megapixeler capable of recording 720 x 480 pixel MPEG-4 video at 30fps. It'll even play back Hannah Montana MP3s in a crunch. Rounding things out are a 2.4-inch LCD, 0x optical zoom (yes, zero), and "5 cool colors" including pink and daddy-I-want-a-trust-fund-NOW. Just $99 for you, sweetie.
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