TUAW Responds: Ecamm to the rescue!!

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TUAW reader Tommy E. writes: A while back I installed Make it Mine and entered my custom carrier logo as "ROBOTS" -- when springboard restarted, nothing happened to my carrier logo. Now, I just restored and updated to 1.1.2 (not jailbroken) and suddenly and surprisingly my carrier logo now reads "ROBOTS"! My problem is that I need to visit the Genius Bar because my headphone jack is wacky. Is there some way to get "AT&T" back up there?"

Fear not, Tommy. There's an easy fix for your problem. Ecamm's "Caption Crunch", which we discussed a while back can set or revert the time string. So today, I gave Glen of Ecamm an urgent "help our reader" IM. He responded by creating a custom version of their software that reverts the fake carrier logo created by MIM.

In case you didn't read that last paragraph fully. Let me re-iterate. Glen of Ecamm. Created. A. Custom. Application. Version. for our TUAW reader in need.

The software can be downloaded here. Make sure to send Ecamm a thank you note. And if you get a "No Carrier" message after setting the logo, just reboot.

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