San Jose's Tech Museum looks for virtual exhibits in Second Life

Akela Talamasca
A. Talamasca|01.15.08

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San Jose's Tech Museum looks for virtual exhibits in Second Life

The Tech Museum in San Jose is worth the trip alone. Always chock-full of fantastic and informative exhibits and events, it's the go-to place for the rare combination of education and entertainment that neither preaches nor panders. As befitting such a forward-looking institution, The Tech has created a virtual museum location in Second Life. Further, they're accepting submissions for exhibits for that virtual space. From the press release:

' The virtual Tech ... will begin accepting exhibits immediately as part of an exhibition design competition around the theme of "Art, Film, and Music." The Tech plans to replicate a number of the winning exhibits in its real-world museum in San Jose. A world-class panel of experts will review the virtual exhibits in Second Life, awarding prizes to winning projects for the physical museum. Winners will be announced in connection with the 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge, produced by ZER01: The Art and Technology Network, in June 2008.'

Additionally, there will be cash prizes for certain categories of exhibits. Exhibits created through the Tech Virtual site, and installed in the physical location will, if chosen, receive $5,000. If you think you've got a good idea for an exhibit, go check out the Tech Virtual, and send your ideas in -- everything's shared under the Creative Commons license, so be advised before you go in. Get thinkin'!
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