Sirius Stiletto users stuck a day behind everyone else

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Sirius Stiletto users stuck a day behind everyone else
While most seem to have learned from past date-related issues, at least some folks at Sirius appear to have overlooked the fact that this year is a leap year, and the company's Stiletto 100 unit is now having trouble keeping up as a result. As numerous users have reported in the Sirius Backstage forums, the Stiletto has been dragging a day behind ever since the New Year kicked in, which, in addition to being an annoyance, has posed some serious problems for anyone doing scheduled recordings. Now, after a bit of silence on the matter, Sirius is reportedly telling customers that there is in fact a problem, and that it'll fix itself on March 1st. Unfortunately, Sirius's only "solution" in the meantime is to tell users to set up recordings for each day of the week.

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