Winners: The best of Crapgadget at CES!

Ryan Block
R. Block|01.17.08

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Ryan Block
January 17th, 2008
Winners: The best of Crapgadget at CES!

The votes are in for the best of Crapgadget at CES 2008, and it was something of a landslide. We're sorry, mini phone, but the e-paper display that's actually paper took the gold with a margin of nearly ten points over the runner up, Tole Pure. See you next year -- if you haven't already gouged out your eyeballs.
  1. Round 13: e-paper display actually paper
  2. Round 18 finale: Tole Pure really is a crapgadget
  3. Round 17: the non-existent digital photo frame
  4. Round 1: the Mini Phone
  5. Round 2: the MP5 player
  6. Round 7: 64MB Beer MP3 player
  7. Round 8: Firetruck with 1.5-inch digital photo frame
  8. Round 4: Fugliest display evar
  9. Round 12: iPod docking pink plastic purse
  10. Round 11: Janky-ass MP4 watch
  11. Round 14: Hello Kitty with human debris
  12. Round 15: Shredmaster Jr.
  13. Round 6: The Apple Pie
  14. Round 10: PC Desktop Duo
  15. Round 9: spy recorder for little girls
  16. Round 16: Music Player Sunglasses
  17. Round 3: Boxing Champ
  18. Round 5: Tweety! digital camera
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