Rumor: an exiled mascot returns to Sega Superstars Tennis

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JC Fletcher
January 18th, 2008
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Rumor: an exiled mascot returns to Sega Superstars Tennis

Sega Nerds posted an apparent Game Informer scan that holds very exciting information for, well, Sega nerds. The magazine's writeup of Sega Superstars Tennis (which fails to mention the DS version of the game, for some reason) casually mentions Alex Kidd as a playable character.

Poor Alex got knocked out of his totally sweet job as Sega's go-to mascot when they decided to get all edgy and bring in that hedgehog thing. Since then, he's been in retirement, showing up only as capsule toys in Shenmue and as, well, his disgraced self in Segagaga, working in the company store.

Amazingly, the magazine also asserts that the game will be playable online, but that could be a mistake (since it's listed as 'Up to 4-Player via WiiConnect24'). That would just be the icing on the (Sega-logo-shaped) cake for us. We already love you, Sega Superstars Tennis.

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