Cinemassively: Sand, Episode 3.5

Moo Money
M. Money|01.20.08

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At last, we have a conclusion to the Sand series. Episode 3.5, also directed by PG Provenzano, while short, answers all the questions from earlier episodes.

While two of the Colonists are struggling for control of the weapon that was previously aimed at Gwen, the third works on releasing her. As she is freed from her sleep state, the weapon goes off, killing one of the explorers. With another knocked out, the third searches for something on his body.

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When he wakes up, he fires the weapon into the sky, shining the sun down upon them. It is then that they realize that one of them is a Mersher, and the other an Auggie. They battle to the death, and Gwen is left to ponder why the same ending occurs every time.

Gwen climbs into the chamber and goes back into a deep slumber. Until she can find a group of explorers that will react differently to her plight, she will continue her nocturnal transmissions.

Will there ever be a different ending for Scion City? Is it up to Second Life residents to change the outcome? How did you feel about the storyline?
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