Vii 2 designed for 'THEM,' now blue

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James Ransom-Wiley
January 22nd, 2008
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Vii 2 designed for 'THEM,' now blue
Vii 2
Meet Vii 2, the second generation faux Wii that's been downgraded to a baby blue box reminiscent of the NES – or is that supposed to be a PS3? The new Vii has been formatted for NTSC & PAL standards and now bears several warnings:
  1. THIS IS NOT A Wii – it will not play Wii games
  2. Vii is a game console designed just for kids and toddlers!
  3. Designed with THEM in mind, not the big kids
  4. Slower game speeds
Included in the box (literally built-in) are the Vii's 11 original classics, like Fry Egg and Come On. New to Vii 2 is an expansion cart packed with 7 all-time favorites, including MaJong 13 and its thrilling sequel, MaJong 16. As always, the Viimote includes a "3 axes G-SENSOR" and "10 different sounds." QwickieDeals is currently selling Vii 2 for $140.
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